Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy Squirrels.

I'm watching the squirrels chase each other in the yard, a cardinal trying to stay on the fence in spite of the birds, a woodpecker just minding his own business, fluffed out sparrows, listening to a noisy wren. What does that have to do with writing? It's just life, which is busy and full of things that want to conflict with your writing. Keeping focused is my big issue. The cats just want to get out and chase everything out there. That's me, I want to do everything, put can't, have to put things on a calendar, schedule them to get anything done.

On that note, I cleaned out the kitchen desk and coat closet. Yes! Had them on the calendar, got them done. I now have 13,491 done on BLOODY MURDER. approx. 3,500 this week. Can't get my little word meter to work right but I am getting real work done. Now for sales . . .

In real life we are considering a puppy but unless I retire, by daughter would have to train and care for it. If she couldn't, got sick, we'd be up a creek because I'm sometimes gone for over ten hours a day at work. Hard decisions.


daydream said...

I want to work as well you know, but school is keeping me busy with... well studying and I can't get a word out, because I am either too tired or in the middle of homework. After the glorious 8K in the first week of January I am stuck with nothing for now. I hope you get things done and "Bloody Murder" sounds like a very intriguing name for a novel.

Carol said...

Thanks. I know what its like to be pulled so many directions by the have to and want-to-do parts of life. Now, get off the internet and write some more words.

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