Wednesday, January 30, 2008


People enter contests for many reasons, hope of winning, critiques, validation that their writing is good. Most writer's contests suggest that you follow the guidelines and submit editor-ready manuscripts. There are as many versions of editor ready as there are writers, in spite of specific guidelines.

It makes me wonder exactly how many agents and editors receive submissions where writers have ignored guidelines, even attached notes saying, "I didn't follow the guidelines because . . . ." Do these same people really expect editors and agents to ignore their inability to follow directions and decide this writer gets to break the rules because they are brilliant? These same people are often totally incensed because of the rejection from the editor.

It's no wonder that writers often have a bad reputation with editors and agents, and the non professional behavior of a few, color opinions about many.

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daydream said...

I know. It's weird. I read the guidelines before I submit anything at least 15 times and then I check it again to eliminate any mistakes. I can't imagine someone being that sloppy with a MS.

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