Saturday, January 19, 2008


Recently I heard about a school carnival where one of the booths planned was a fortune teller. Lo and behold, someone was offended and couldn't imagine that a mother wouldn't realize it was a terrible thing to have at a school carnival. Join the same people who think reading Harry Potter sends kids straight to the devil and watching "Golden Compass" will make a child want to read the books (Oh no. never let a child read.) Worse yet, the children might even get ideas, question authority (and no one in our country would do that.)

I'm really tired of people judging others and coming off holier-than-thou. Hate that and hate even more when I see it in myself, and I do at times. I can be extremely judgemental while I'm trying so hard not to be. I'm even predjudiced about those who are predjudiced. How sick is that?

As for writing, Rinda says we write to create better worlds, better endings. I also write to have control. In real life, we don't have control of how life goes, but in fiction, we can make sure good wins over evil, the bad guy is punished and the good guy rewarded. We make sure that the boy gets the girl, or girl gets girl, or boy gets boy or whatever. In our worlds good things happen.

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daydream said...

Oh yes! I read about that in Rinda's blog. Sad isn't it? I am prejudiced too. Kind of hard not to be with all of the crap towering over us. I encounter same issues as you do and hell I am no better at controlling them

As for fiction I write mostly, because women rarely do acrobatic stunts in high heels and I want that.
(Just joking) The godly powers I have as divine creator are way sweeter. I can create a plausible utopia!

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