Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Second Guessing

Does anyone else do this. I will work hard on a scene then start doubting what I've done. What makes it more difficult is when I'm writing through the first draft and trying not to go back and edit so I can finish the first draft without becoming bogged down. It is so tempting to reveiw and revise what I've already done, but deadly if I want to pushe forward to that finished manuscript.

I think it's that editor/relative on my shoulder. In a movie this weekend called something like "Plus-sized" they did a good job of showing a character and how they sabotaged themselves by saying negative things in their head, about themselves but picturing someone else, so it wasn't until the end of the movie they realized the person putting them down was really their own voice.

Writer's do that. We give ourselves negative feedback so pretty soon be believe we're not good writers and that what we are doing isn't good. I find, being in groups with other writers so that you realize you aren't the only one with self doubts can help. I've found that even the most successful writer has those doubts. It's part of the game. Most creative people have the same issue. We just have to push forward and do it anyway, whether it's music, writing, painting or anything else. If we don't, we will never have that finished product and even though we love the process, all of us like the satisfaction that comes from completion.


daydream said...

I go through the very same thing you know from time to time. I know some real life people, who write and both are my peers. Both have this amazing philosophical and unique voice, giving every single image and word a special meaning and I can't do that. The talent crisis has been following me ever since, but I know that what I do is my own thing and it changes from what I need to write.
This is a mechanism to keep evolving style wise and so on.
PS: I found time to write! Wahoo!

Carol said...

Good for you, keep at it. It's a juggling act every day.

amyshojai said...

Carol, we're all part of the very same big club. Self-Doubters R Us!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol, Here for the first time, but I'll be back. By all means, keep on having those doubts because as long as we believe there is no need for improvement in what we've written, we seldom see the need for improvement. I wish you success with all you do. Mary from Meander With Me

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