Thursday, January 24, 2008

Struggling, on and off the page.

If you go to Rachel Vincent's blog,, you will find a great description of how to write a fight scene and incorporate all the elements. I've only written a couple of fight scenes. They've been received well, they're the ones in FAIRY DUST. (You know you want to run out and download it right now.) But it's still difficult. Jim Butcher, in any of his Dresden Files books, has great fighting demons, or were wolves or vampire, or evil fairy scenes. He can drag the fight out for pages without ever making it feel that way. I'm not that good. He's my hero.

I do want the fights to be integral to the plot and not just thrown in. Same thing with sex scenes. Those are really hard for me and mine are very low key compared to what I see out there. I have a difficult time throwing in a love scene just because it's time for one. There has to be more reason than that for my people to get together. Plus, I like the sensual scene rather than the graphic scene, more about emotion, sensation, less about anatomically correct body parts or (my pet peeve) "throbbing members" of any kind. (If they weren't members of the club, would they be throbbing?")

Right this second I have Tali on a date with her new squeeze, Aiden. No spoilers here so let us just say their attraction is unusually strong. Should be fun to write. I've kept up with my word counts this week and the number and percentages are right even if the graph doesn't appear to be moving.


daydream said...

I can only say that Rachel knows her stuff and I am grateful for her answers and I agree with what you say. Fighting scenes have to have their place in the story as a necessity and inevitable alignment of circumstances, not something that just has to be there and has been randomly put.

RubyD said...

Bring on the emotional love stories, not just the raw sex scenes for me. Guess I've read too many of them so now I tend to skip part of them and get back to the story. When did the sex start to replace the plot? Guess it was while I was reading mysteries.....

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