Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gearing Up

Have you broken your resolutions yet? Now's the time to gear up, look at those resolutions, make some short term goals that will get you to what you want. If you decided your goal was to finish your book, what will it take to do that? What's an achievable goal for you? Can you write 1000 words a day, 3,000? Would 3,000 words a week be more reasonable, or even 500 a week. Choose what you can meet. Don't shoot yourself in the foot, or anyplace else by making your goals so lofty that you will fail the first week.

Choose specific goals
Make certain you can achieve them.
Do not pick a goal over which you have no control.
(You can control completing your novel. Unless you have a publishing company, you can't publish it.)
Reward yourself. (Chocolate, coffee art supplies, a movie, whatever rings your bell.)
Watch those pages pile up.
If you finished one book and began another, set goals for how many publishers, agents, to query or send partials to each month.

Keep writing, no matter what life throws at you for distraction.

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