Monday, January 21, 2008

Get a Clue

Do you know how many people out there don't have a clue?

My daughter is a wonderful person who has several physical problems which, combined have exacerbated her clinical depression. She's working hard to get all the ducks in a row that are possible for her to control. She is actively working to find ways to control the Asthma, Lupus, Sarcoidosis, Seizure Disorder, Bi-Polar issues and have as close to a normal life as possible.

She's also a caregiver. If you come to her with a problem she will try to help. She was released from hospital after a short bout of depression last Friday and then had a major seizure. Keep in mind she is single, never had children, can't drive and lives at home due to her seizures. She's 32. Yesterday she was asked to solve the following problems:

1. A friend who was released from the hospital too soon came over and had to be advised to get herself readmitted before she either started cutting or attempted suicide since she had fallen off the wagon.

2. A friend called to get advice on how to stop her son's muscle spasms in his neck.

3. A 16 year-old called, sobbing, to say that her parents got into a fight, she attempted to intervene, her father threw something, broke the coffee table, yelled at the girl. Both parents have alcohol problems.

4. Another teen came over to spend the night because she has difficulty relating to her step-mother or authority.

In the past one of the same friends called my daughter, in the behavior health facility, for marital advice, when my daughter had just been admitted to the hospital following a suicide attempt. We won't talk about the other friends who told her she wouldn't have been raped if she had not had Tarot cards in the house(that's a whole other story.)

I love my daughter and she is extremely sympathetic and has a lot of common sense when it comes to problem solving. And, she listens. But where would common sense come into the equation? Who would you call when you had a problem, the person who desperately needs assistance with her own myriad issues? And what does it say about the world when there is no one else to call for help.

Rant over. I didn't finish word counts this weekend so I'm behind. Hope to do better this week. Life keeps interrupting and conference/contest. Next post will get back to writing issues, I promise (It says in fine print somewhere.)

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daydream said...

Now that is stupid. How can a man or a woman call a person, who has been admitted in a hospital in a serious condition and ask for an advice? This goes beyond my idea of stupidity. Frankly, I can't really comment further. Just hope and wish for your daughter to recover and get sainthood.

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