Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finding Magic

A friend of mine, Rinda talked about letting those self editors on our shoulders run our writing. I find other things have the same effect. If a book doesn't sell as well as you hoped, you may start second-guessing what you do and be tempted to write what ever is selling. My opinion is that you have to stay true to writing what you love to write and what you read, because if you write to a particular genre, market, only because it sells, not because you love it, the readers will know. It will show in the writing.

I caught myself trying to reevaluate what I write and thinking in terms of writing what is selling, and in ebooks, it seems to be a mix of paranormal and erotica. Well, not an erotica person here. Not that I can't enjoy reading it, but writing it just isn't what I do. If I start trying to write something that doesn't speak to me on a real level, it won't work for me or for the readers in the long run. So I will continue to write what I write, which is mystery plus paranormal plus humor. If I don't make a fortune, so be it, the process is what counts. Selling a painting doesn't give me as much pleasure as the actual painting process. With my writing, yes, I would like it to be read, but small numbers are better than no numbers and if even one person is pulled into a different world that I created, cool. I've done my job.


daydream said...

I know what you mean. I had to change my whole style of writing, because of these norms and I don't mean the genres and the themes. The change was unwelcome, because I love being descriptive and utterly descriptive. However it seemed a beneficial one, since I developed other much needed skills. Trends come and go and somehow they alter even the people, who stay true to themselves. I only hope it is for the better like it happened with me.

Carol said...

True, sometimes styles change and the active, tight style of writing is more where it's at right now. It's difficult to get readers to stay with ponderous description, they want to get on with the story. I'm lucky in that I love fast action and tight writing. I would always skip the longer descriptions, so the style works for me. Try reading FAIRY DUST. I pack a lot of action in 10,000 words. Carol

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