Saturday, January 5, 2008

Contrast It

Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Warmth and cold. They all make us appreciate both. Life, painting and writing all give us examples of contrast. Contrast between light and dark keeps a painting interesting. Conflict must be present for a book to be a page turner, whether the protagonist is saving the world or one baby owl. The contrast between dark and light times in our lives lets us appreciate the light.

Artists can have a light touch with contrast that is as delicate as a faint shadow on a bird's wing or a living presence like the light in "Girl with a Pearl Earring. Writing, just like painting, allows us the choice between bold and delicate in our approach. Contrast, conflict, between light and dark and good and evil gives depth to the work, dimension and the difference between mediocre, barely competent and a truly defined work.

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Anonymous said...

I like the Fairy Dust cover.:)

Carol said...

Thanks, Rinda. I'm so glad you came. Hope you feel really better fast. C

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