Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fairy Dust Wins an Oscar Nomination

All right, all right. It didn't. But, it got a great review from Simply Romance, see below. I think she likes Ande.

FAIRY DUSTCarol ShenoldEternal PressJanuary 2008ParanormalVisit Carol Shenold's website

Synopsis:Boudicca Andraste Ryan (Ande) is a half human fairy with flying issues. No wings, poor control of fairy dust magic. She runs a garden shop with her Elf guardian, Sierya and works part time for the Paranormal Investigation Unit (PU).In the process of bagging an errant Pixie, Ande is attacked by a ghoul, bent on killing anything in it's path. With the help of a wolf she defeats the ghoul. The wolf shows up in human form as her blind date and reveals himself as a were. There instant attraction to each other startles Ande.When her father's Titiana Amulet is stolen by darklings, Ande discovers that a human wizard with enough dark power can end light and earth as we know it. She and her friends, old and new, band together to stop the wizard and save the light.

Bouddicca Andraste Ryan or Ande for short is a half fairy/half human who lacks control – of her magic that is. Whenever she gets emotional she oozes Fairy Dust and starts floating which drives Sierya, her best friend and half owner of the Herb and Fairy Garden Shop quite crazy. But Ande doesn’t just work at the flower shop she also goes on runs for the PIU, Paranormal Investigative Unit.

The Fairy Dust starts flying when Ande finds out that the Darklings, fallen fairies, are after her and the amulet her father left her. She has no idea why they want it or what’s going on. She’s pissed off and in a hurry to get her assignment for the PIU out of the way and then on to the first date she’s had in ages…and boy does she need that date!

Ande is a smart talking no nonsense type of fairy and a great character. Her date turns out to be a were – you’ll have to read the story to find out what kind, and is everything she needs in a “man.” Like a rollercoaster this novelette has a lot of ups and downs but it never misses a track. Fairy Dust could easily have been turned into a full length novel and I would love to see what other trouble Ande and the other characters could get into, but for now we’ll just have to settle for this fast paced story that leaves you wanting more.


amyshojai said...

Hey terrific review! Why not turn it into a full-length novel, eh?

daydream said...

The review is superb. That must be a bit of publicity! Goody for you! I think you should expand as well, because well it is a very interesting story line.

Carol said...

That's my plan. As soon as I finish "Bloody Murder," Fairy Dust gets the full treatment.

relliott4 said...

Fantastic review!!!

daydream said...

I am happy for you. I am not quite into fairies as a writing topic, because demons are what I enjoy most, but I will definitely like to read about fairies. It's magic, it's wonder and they are definitely new on the scene.

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