Thursday, January 10, 2008

Resolve to Work

Harder at writing. Get my word counts done each day and finish book two. Sell FD and PTM, at least enough to have a little bit of royalties. Not sure how to make progress with that but I'll keep at it. I think I'll see a little more progress at that when I can have the paper product available and in my hand for signings etc. My demographic tends to want to hold the paper. I do need to start a list, or order book for all those people who want paper instead of electronic so I can notify them all and get them to buy the paperback.

Feels good to be making progress with Bloody Murder and thought of a new wrinkle involving a main character, thanks to an idea from one of my readers. Can't wait to see how its going to push the story along. Of course, in order to appreciate book two, you want to read PRIVY TO MURDER and start getting to know the characters. An no, I won't tell you what hunk in book two is going to have a revelation. You gotta read it. So get out there and buy. FAIRY DUST might even contain a hint.


daydream said...

That is good. Being published in electronic format is definitely a challenge and I hope you sell well. I am not sure how to do that myself apart from the blogging.

Carol said...

Me either except to become a presence on various lists that have readers, do chats and get the name out there, mine and the book. If you can develop a readership, loyal readers who are waiting for your next one, that's a plus.

daydream said...

Those are good ideas and what can I say. I am still new to this a bit and it sorta helps to be around people who experience the same. I hope I reach that goal and I wish that you do the same.

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