Monday, January 7, 2008


To sell, you must promote. So here you go.

FAIRY DUST launches today. Go to

Buy your copy now. Find out if a flight challenged half-fairy and a werewolf can find happiness and save the world from an evil wizard. Meet Sierya, a six-foot elf and Ajax, a three-foot pixie. Fight ghouls and other monsters. Learn why it takes special skills to catch a full-blood pixie.

I'm meeting my word count goal of 700 words, five days a week on BLOODY MURDER, but my word count widget is not letting me update. When it does, it will jump. Don't know what the problem is, probably the user. I'm working hard to get Tali into as much trouble as possible, poor girl. But of course she does frequently play with fire (read Aiden in BLOODY MURDER.)

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