Friday, April 13, 2007


My first clue that it is Friday the 13th was when the sky opened up and dumped out a waterfall on my head just as the wind turned my umbrella inside out and I arrived at work dripping like I'd just had a shower. My jeans are still wet. Then my business card holder with cards dumped on the floor for me to pick up.

Had my knee injected with steroids yesterday so I hope the thing will resolve with out any going into my knee and anesthesia etc. My writing is sporatic this week, hope to at least meet the daily goal today. Just a note, I have writer friends who have web sites, a blog site on blogger and one on MySpace. They all seem to be having major issues with MySpace. I'm glad I stuck with this site and don't think I need a web site until I have an actual product (BOOK) to sell. Notice I said "until" not "if." Positive thinking, visualize, visualize.

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