Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Branching Out

I've decided to submit a creepy story to a site, so if it's accepted, I'll link to the site, just for fun. They may not like it, but it was fun to write. I've always liked spooky stuff, since I read horror comics as a kid. I think that's how I got so seriously warped. Ever since, anything without murder, ghost, witch, demon, vampire, were-people of one kind or another, just a little too white-bread boring. Not that I hate white bread, but let's add a little cinnamon or something. I like weird on TV, serious Buffy, Dresden Files, Blood Ties fan here, movies, everything from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir to American Haunting. But they have to have suspense. Slashers just don't do it for me, there has to be an actual plot beyond "The babysitter is in the house alone and will she go upstairs where the murderer is, like an idiot, or run like hell. Of course she'll go upstairs, hence by problem with stupid women heroines. Blood and gore for the sake of, boring. Books, Dean Koontz, Stephen King among others, but they have to be decently written.

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