Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flower Power

I'm just two chapters away from finishing the first draft of "Privy to Murder." I'm printing so I can sit and read through and then start a new edit. I'm going to let it rest until after contest at least, once I get the chapters finished.

My grand daughter almost had a stroke the other day when her mother was mowing the back yard. When my daughter saw the six-year-old sobbing, she stopped mowing to see what was wrong. "It's a tradegy" the little girl said. You're killing the flowers, one by one. Pretty soon there won't be any flowers left in the whole world."

It turns out the problem was mowing down the wildflowers in the field that is their back yard. Without telling the child that she was a dork, her mother helped her pick all the flowers and save them in cups all over the kitchen. Then it was OK to mow. Another ""outside the box solution." We all have small tragedies in our lives and only hope they can be solved or at least improved by a little OTB thinking

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Jess Burkhart said...

Hi, Carol!

I just read your article about blogging in Writing for DOLLARS! and wanted to stop by and say "hi." Best of luck with your novel! :)

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