Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Arrrgh or something of the sort.

Today I am a pirate. No, really. We are doing a "Pirates of the Carribean" theme at work for our part of the progressive luncheon. Too fun. No. I will not post a picture of me as a pirate. It would haunt us all. But it reminds me of pirated movies, books, articles and etc. ARC's sold on e-bay, articles lifted off the internet, title changed and used on another site, or even lifted and offered for sale without changing a thing. Does the writer get any money from it? No Not right, thieves I say. Walk the plank me hearty. If you are published, google your name and see if your writing is on unauthorized sites. Sometimes you can be astonished by who has lifted it.


Rinda Elliott said...

Too scary. Someone did take my work and put her name on it years ago. It was just awful.

I wanna see the pirate pic. (g)

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head, Carol. Was e-pirated a few months ago, ARCs sold on Ebay a week or so ago...and it's only getting worse, especially in a few other countries famous for pirating movies, books, etc.


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