Monday, April 16, 2007


How do you organize your writing? Yasmine has detailed binders, with everything there is to know about a book, dividers with pockets and she has sections for characters, bad guys, synopsis, setting notes, time lines, and since she writes fantasy she has sections on magic, tarot, creatures, worlds, research etc.

Rachel has a white board with color-coded post-its to keep her plot going, fill in holes and generally keep track of the direction the book is going. Anyone else have tried and true methods.

I have a detailed synopsis which has kept me on track with the first draft. Now I need to go back and update my notebook on timelines, characters and etc. in order to keep track and then when I'm writing the next book in the series, I won't forget that Tali has brown eyes, auburn hair and a blue Mazda pickup. Anyone else have organizational tricks out there?

Last week the writing was sporadic but I started the next to last chapter. Would really like to finish this week and let everything rest while conference takes over my life. Then I will attack the first draft with scissors, details, desciption and everything that might be missing. Can't wait.

On the knee front, better so far, "better living with steroids." We'll see what happens long term. The sun is out, had a beautiful day yesterday and spend time outside.


Yasmine Galenorn said...

*grins* I also have the synopsis--have to since I sell on synopsis and proposal now, and the requisite white boards, though my two white boards are for 1) keeping track solely of due dates and release dates and 2) for brainstorming when I need to write down ideas and erase them just as fast if they don't work. I also have a huge white board but no room in my office so it, alas, is hiding until I get a bigger office.

And then there are my Daytimers (desk size and portable), and my Outlook calendar and tasks bar, both of which I use. It sounds pathetically rigid, but really, it keeps me on track and frees me up from worrying if I'm forgetting something.


Carol said...

I have always admired your organization skills. Organizing is fun but I could use keeping track of everything as an excuse not to write if I weren't careful.

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