Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kids-fractures and etc.

I needed a soothing color this morning. I did make my word count yesterday. It's coming along. I will have a finished project, maybe by conference.

The down side of things, my grandson fractured his hand and had to have surgery with pins this winter in order to repairit. He was playing basketball at school and even tried to get the coach to let him finish the practice.

Now my 6yr old grand daughter managed to fall off a trampoline and fracture her arm, just above the elbow, requiring a trip to Dallas for a pediatric ortho specialist, surgery with pins once again. They have insurance coverage through CHIP, beginning in May. The pits. That baby shouldn't have to go through this.

Also, Easter is going to be cold with the possibility of snow. What's up with that? but happy easter anyway. So there.


Rinda Elliott said...

I know! I set up all these outdoor activities and planted freaking flowers. Should have seen me trying to drag the big pots inside last night.

I'm so sorry about the little ones. :)

Carol said...

You know, I almost planted pansie and then something said WAIT! I usually don't listen but did this time. ;-)

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Oh Carol...the same parents? They must be frantic--and of course, Grandma is freaking! Take care and breathe deep. Meditate on flowers.


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