Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunshine on my Shoulders

Yes, sun yesterday. I spent as much time outside as I good, just enjoying the warm sun on my face, reading and writing and watching birds and squirrels chase each other. Birds were actively nesting. Too cool. I'm a sucker for kittens, baby birds, flowers and all things spring. I especially like to sit on the patio, with the Sunday paper, my journal, a cup of good coffee topped with whipped cream. Heaven. Alls at peace with the world. And don't remind me that in a month or so I'll be whining about being too hot, because I reserve the right to whine and have cheese with it if I wish.

I made the word goal this weekend, in spite of missing a couple of days. I always wonder, when I'm writing a passage that I have to pull out like an impacted tooth, is it going to be any good, and then have to remind myself that its a first draft. Whether or not it flows like a river or slogs along like mud, its a first draft and will have to be revised anyway.

I'm watching a friend of mine take off with her fiction. It's been a long haul for her but her new, Otherworld Series is taking off like gangbusters. If you haven't read "Witchling" by Yasmine Galenorn, do so now. Her new book, "Changeling" comes out in June. Treat yourself to a good read.

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