Friday, April 27, 2007

New Places

I went to a new place yesterday, at least new to me. I'd seen it last February, a courtyard at the Bird Library, right in the middle. It's lovely, wooden tables and benches in alcoves. A low fountain in an alcove. Ivied columns, fern ground cover, wrens calling, water tinkling and sparkling in the sun. Small rocks and stepping stones, chinese maples and weeping willows. Just beautiful. Dappled shadows on the stones as the sun fought with the trees for space. I sketched the fountain, wrote a little in the journal I carry. Would love to take the Alpha Smart there one day and just write a chapter. Still a little cool for all that shade, will have to try it in a month or two, or else go to Martin Park or Will Rogers. Something about the outdoors that pulls me right in, keeps the words coming.

Just finished reading Changeling, by Yasmine Galenorn. It come out in June. Don't miss it, a definite page turner.

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