Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beginnings and Ends

I began plotting Party to Murder and I'm staying away from Privy to Murder until the end of May. I have an appointment with an agent at the writer's conference, we'll see if that goes anywhere. Both beginnings and endings can be a little scary and it's tempting to retreat to comfortable territory, that middle-grade manuscript I haven't edited yet, then I wouldn't be faced with finding out if Privy is really going to have legs long enough to walk or run. However, I won't let myself get distracted. The new manuscript questions are the usual suspects like: can I really plot another one, think up a whole story, make any sense, have the characters grow?

OK enough angst. I hate angst. Anyone remember when the entire cast of Buffy went off to college and whined their way through scripts for a whole season, the first year of college. I don't know what went on in Josh Whelan's life at that time, but he almost lost me as a watcher. *grins* Pun intended, (once I realized I made one.) So I will march on with the plot and work on a killer agent pitch.

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