Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Time for a rant. What are writers thinking? We have a publishing industry that is not writer friendly now. It takes years to be published, especially when it comes to fiction. But we have a writer using a vanity press to publish a short story collection, and then fraudulently, under a fictitious name, ordering copies through bookstores? (See this weeks Publisher's Weekly).Not to mention the nonfiction books that have turned out to be fiction, the authorized biographies that weren't and well known fiction writers stealing each others words.

If it's difficult to get published now, what will this kind of lack of ethics do to our chances in the future? What happened to honesty, truth in journalism? And our words are all we have. That is what we are selling. We can't steal them from each other. The Internet, for all its good points, has made it possible for anyone to copy, cut and paste from anyone, anything else and promote it as there own. If humans can, they will, ethics be damned if profits be involved.

WAKE UP WRITERS. Don't shoot yourself in the foot and the rest of us too.
Word count-no. Too busy whining about my knee. It's better so I'll get with it today.

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