Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter and Etc.

As you can see, my word count has not changed since Wednesday. Family stuff distracting me, what with fractures, seizures, holiday and etc. No real excuse but that's the way it is. Back to the grindstone this week, both with writing and filing contest manuscripts.

Easter we spent with my son and watched the three-year-old hunt for Easter eggs, had a fire in the fire pit (turned cold last week, had snow on Good Friday. Ate too much, watched a good movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" Also went to see "The Reaping" where Hilary Swank did a great acting job but I felt the writers fell down on the job with a totally predictable ending. It will be interesting to see if King falls into the same trap for the end of "Lisey's Story" because he's done it before. Got to come up with something new, guys.
PS The picture to the right, where I want to be in Florida right now.

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