Monday, April 23, 2007

Strange Feeling

It's an odd feeling to have the first draft done after all this time and kind of intimidating to know I now have to plot book # 2 and rewrite #1. Heretofore known as PTM and PTOM. Can I get PTM in good enough shape to go to an agent/editor? Can I get started on PTOM? Should I do a rewrite of "Agatha Ann and the Spider Wizard" (AASW) and get it out there too? Decisions, decisions. It was a little easier to struggle through the first draft without the other issues. Then there is the plotting and synopsis for PTOM. Do I sound angsty? Maybe it's Monday. I don't really mind having these problems, what I will mind is when I start getting rejections after the hard work. The I will whine, but keep on submitting. I'm stubborn that way. Of course, the other best thing to do, "button", "Butt on chair-in front of computer.

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