Thursday, September 13, 2007

Come on Down

First-a first. I'm having a guest blogger tomorrow. Her name is Tabitha Shay, she writes wonderful stories about Witches. Her first book, "Witch's Brew" is out and she's as excited to share news about it and talk about writing as I am. You can order her book at

I'm busily working on to shorts which will come out with Eternal Press by the end of fall and the Privy sequel. This morning on the way to work I watch the sun set the tips of the grass on fire and make building glow. I get really distracted sometimes by all the beauty around us all the time, even in the little things. Other times, by brain is so occupied that I forget to look, and then I miss the good things. I have to keep in the present, consciously. Living in the now is a good thing, at least when you are driving, huh?

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