Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm seeing a lot of frustrated writers out there, especially some who publish in e format and are having a hard time selling. As writers, I think we are obliged to publish in more than one format, e-book, print, Brick and Mortar shops, everything we can in order to get our work out there, and do the promo work every way we can.
It can be frustrating, people don't know what e-books are. Or we can't get published with the publishers who sell to the brick and mortar shops, or as a new writers, no one picks up our books in the B&N store because they have no clue who we are. It takes forever.

I started late in this business. To make a living, I should have started submitting at twenty and gotten established by the time I was 30 or 40 so I could be making a living writing. Life and work got in the way. But I've made it this far, I now have fiction published and will make it the rest of the way. Will I be a Nora Roberts or Stephen King and make a fortune, maybe not. But, as long as I slowly reach my goals, I'm happy. I never thought I'd be writing fiction under contract. Next spring I'll even have a book to hold in my hand(Just shoot me--that's important to me too.) I have a middle grade book with a traditional publisher and hope she takes it. I'm writing and happy about it.

Working with Eternal Press (shameless plug) has made me realize how important helping each other, working as a team can be and this publishing house, unlike some I've see, values their authors and keeps them informed, make them part of the process. It's a great experience.

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Caffey said...

As a reader, I was hesitate to start with ebooks because I wasn't one to sit at the computer for long periods of time (and too there are others who do spend lots of time on the computers and could be reading alot of books). But with technology, as time went on, made it so much easier. I've read some wonderful reads in ebooks and can't imagine what it would be like without these reads! So I'm thrilled with those, and yes, still some print authors as well. So theirs a variety out there that some choose to use, so some too will find your story in ebook as well! Congrats on the grade school book in print!

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