Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Messed Up

I've discovered something. I'm messier when I'm depressed, neater when all is well with the world. I don't know it that carries over into my writing since it's a recent discovery. I also feel better when things are straightened up. So, maybe a cure for depression, for me, would entail getting my butt up and doing something about it. If I make things neater, I might feel better, the energy around me will be better, negative things will be swept out, thrown out.
However, the theory works well for everywhere but my office where I'm such a pack rat that it may never be straight in there.
I hang onto old art supplies that I haven't used for months, years, but if I get rid of them, I will need them. I have old manuscripts, as If I'll use the paper copies for anything. I have to do fall cleaning in there. When I write, the words get cluttered so I cut words and clean things up, make it tighter.
Now, if I could carry that over into real life.


Caffey said...

Hi Carol! Nice meeting you on the Eternal Press Groups! Looking forward to chatting with you more!
I know with dealing with my health and days stuck in bed, that I get down and I push myself to remember what makes me happier. I love to read but sometimes when things are so tough, I forget that will be something that will help so much. So I keep a top 5 things to do when that happens so I get out of the rut. I think we know what to do but need a reminder and boost!
I do hope it works for you with organizing around you flows right into your writing!

Rinda said...

I let things go when down and then clean up when happy and I've learned that yes, cleaning up when you're down helps to rev you back up. :)

Carol said...

Hey, glad to see a new visitor and I look forward to seeing you here too. My daughter has major health issues that prevent her getting out and it does create major depression for her, so I know what you mean.
Yeah, Rinda, I do the same thing. I'm just slow at picking up on what's happening some times. Funny, I can diagnose other's problems better than my own. Hmmm

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