Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old vs. New

Tower Records closed. They blamed it on the growing electronic sales and music downloads. But the owner has opened a new music store, I think called R5. He loves the physical act of touching records, CD's, videos and has a lot of customers who do also, and who love the history behind the physical things.
It's the same way with books. I love e-publishing, the speed at which it moves, the ease of downloading books from home, even ordering online. You save trees, get published faster. Even have a close knit group of authors (as in Eternal Press.) But, I love to go into a bookstore, hold the books, feel them, smell them. Always have loved anywhere with bunches of books like libraries.
Thing is, there's room for both. We have readers who love e-books and those who want to hold it in their hands. We love them all. Personally, I do both.
E-book reader=$100
Five books down-loaded $25.00
Five books in my purse that only weigh ounces and are available everywhere I go, Priceless.
But also priceless are the books from the turn of the century, fragile books from1600, the small and feel of ancient societies from their books.
OK, I want it all, the new and the old.
All you readers out there, be open to both.
Writers, if you aren't aware of , and taking advantage of, the e-market out there, you are missing out.

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