Friday, September 14, 2007

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Hi Readers,

To blog or not to blog has always been a big question for me and I simply couldn’t work up the mind to do it on my own. Then I receive this wonderful invitation from author, Carol Shenold, to be her blogging guest this month. Of course, instantly, I’m in blogging mode.

Tabitha Shay here with the news that Witch’s Brew, my debut novel, is now available in E-format from Eternal Press Publishers, their address is

Big doins at Eternal Press this month, their grand launch was Sept. 7th; it was also the launch day for my novel.

I got the idea for WB one day while driving down the highway, on my way to pick my son up from work. Music blaring, one of my favorite CDs, in place, I was listening to Witchy Woman by the Eagles. I thought, Hmm, I could write a novel about a witch. But my witch couldn’t be your typical, everyday, Samantha witch. She has to be different. Soo, how ‘bout making her a witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch and see what happens when her powers start to return.

I can tell you, a lot happens to this bumbling witch who can’t control her magic and can’t stay out of trouble. Not only is it mating season for witches in the little town of Sanctuary where Saylym moves to, but she attracts the attention of the Guild and they send an assassin to get rid of her. Witch assassins aren’t typical assassins either. In order to terminate a witch, they steal her soul.

Well, soon after that idea, I decided to give this witch, Saylym Winslow two sisters. When I did that, all I can say is these sisters demanded their own story. They wouldn’t leave me alone. Nag, nag,

nag. Finally, I said, “Okay! Leave me alone and let me finish Saylym’s story then I’ll write yours.”

Although Kirrah and Nyra aren’t too happy being placed on the back burner, they agreed to wait while I finished Saylym’s story and write a couple of others in between until I can work my way back to them.

Speaking of others, Book Two of the Winslow Witches of Salem, “Witch’s Heart” is scheduled for release Feb 2nd in 2008. I’m hard at work trying to complete this second novel for my editor. I can promise you lots of heat and a few surprises in this second novel. Then after these two, it’s a change of pace for me. I’ll be completing my contemporary western romance, “In the Arms of Danger” released under my other pen name, Jaydyn Chelcee. I can promise you, this hero is smokin’.

That’s the up to date news for me, hope you enjoy reading Witch’s Brew and that you’ll look forward to the second novel, Witch’s Heart.

Happy reading,
Tabitha Shay


Sloane Taylor said...

Hi Tabitha!

I LOVED Witch's Brew and have recommended it. Your style is dynamite.

Congratulations on your release and here's wishing you many sales.

Sally_Odgers said...

Hi, Tab! Looking forward to your book tour... It begins on Monday at

Sally O

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