Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moving Forward

In "Fairy Dust" Ande is moving along with her adventure. She's had a close encounter with a smart alec Pixie(aren't they all), a ghoul (predictably nasty) a deamon named Sheheem is on the horizon. Then there's the sexy were, but does he have an agenda here? She's getting in deep.

Tali is waiting to move forward and meet Aiden, and giving me a fit about it. Characters can get really pushy. Anyone else out there have a problem with characters wanting you to do something or else, right now? Ande couldn't wait for me to get her story started and now look at the trouble she's in.

If characters from more than one book want your attention at the same time do you write them all, outline them, write a character study, take notes? Share.

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