Sunday, September 16, 2007

Computer Woes

I lost the hard drive on my computer. Thank God I'd been writing mostly on my laptop lately and had everything saved on that and my thumb drive, at least the most important stuff. I now have a different e-mail and browser, new virus and spyware protection, since that seemed to be part of the problem. My grandson had done some down loading, Cox Security wasn't working right, got lots of spy ware, froze the computer, hard re-booting corrupted some files, you don't want all the sordid details. You've got the picture. Now have more ram, new hard drive, more efficiency etc.

I hate being so computer dependent, but how can you not when edits are done online or electronically, PR involves multiple web sites. I'm too old to be a techie, you know. I should know the relative good and bad qualities of Firefox as opposed to Outlook! Mozilla sounds uncomfortably close to Godzilla.

Now that these woes have been resolved, maybe I can get back to actual writing.

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