Wednesday, September 26, 2007


FAIRY DUST is almost done. Good thing since I already have a cover. It's kind of fun to have a cover for a short story. The story is coming together however, no one has seen it yet except for one small excerpt. Also, someone who does love scenes has to look at that part and see if it works. Then the fight and battle with Ghouls and Darklings. I haven't written that many fight scenes either. We learn as we go.

I've had people ask me where I get ideas, I think every writer has been asked that. My problem has been more ideas than I have time for. Some things just evolve. I had fallen in love with the story of Boudicca, the warrior queen, but I'm not really an historical writer. So Boudicca became Ande, the fairy with an attitude. I wanted to write paranormal, but not vampire since other people have done that so well lately, hence the unlikely fairy. For paranormal things, taking old legends and fairy tales and twisting them works well. For mysteries, the newspaper works. There are always bizarre crimes and murders, strange motives to build a mystery around. Truth is stranger . . .

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