Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All Ears

I'm listening. A friend stopped by my blog with sensible advise, "stop whining, start writing, listen to your own voice because that will carry your story and she's right. This is someone who has had three series going on at once and knows what she's talking about, but it is also common sense. I think, as writers, in a lonely business, its easy to fall into the trap of comparing our work to others. When you catch yourself doing that, whether it number of words, skill with imagery or larger than life characters, learn what you can from that person and then move back to your own writing and keep on keepin' on with your own goals. Remember the "button rule"-butt on chair-write.
I'm really excited about being so close to the end of my first draft and can't wait to begin rewrites because I think shaping things will really be fun.
Now on to important news. "What did you think of the new hairdo for the kid on American Idol and did you know that he's the hottest thing among 8th grade girls since Joey from N'sync (who BTW is a pretty decent ballroom dancer.

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Laceys said...

My thesis advisor used to call it the "ATTC principle" (apply a$$ to chair)... everyone has creative lulls where they'd rather clean the bathroom than have to face putting words on paper. :)

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