Thursday, March 22, 2007


I just read a chapter from a friend of mine's new book. In one chapter, from the middle of the book, she hooked me. She writes about the Greek countryside and the clash between ancient and modern civilizations, combined with area legend and magic. She adds in humor and great insight into human nature. I'm so intimidated I can't stand it. My books seem shallow by comparison, no cosmic themes etc.

Should we be intimidated by others writing? Does that spur us to greater things or paralyze us into complete inaction? Is it helpful to our own writing when we read the good stuff? I'm still trying to answer those questions.

On the positive side, I'm still meeting my goal-that's the good thing. And it's the first draft, so I can make it better.


Rinda Elliott said...

It used to paralyze me. Now, I use the emotion to make my own work better.

Carol said...

Thats what I have to do. But damn, the lady is so good. All I have to do is bleed on the page, right.

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