Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Has nothing to do with writing, or at least not fiction, but does money mean happiness? I watch my single-mom daughter deal with constant money problems trying to raise kids alone. My disabled daughter tries to make it on disability, doesn't work. I try to help everyone but nothing stretches quite that far. So, would money bring happiness? Maybe not, but it could relieve stress in some instances for sure.

Now I'm working on fiction which may or may not ever bring in much, if any, money. A lot of time spent on something that might not pay off. Is it worth it? Depends how you feel about working toward your dream. Dreams count. My son has a dream of having his karate school not only be self sufficient, which it is now, but having it support him and his family to the point he doesn't have to work on the side. He's been working hard for this dream for a lot of years, but its working. My daughter is working toward being an RN, supporting the kids without as much struggle. My dream, holding my published book in my hands.


Rinda Elliott said...

You're right. It's holding that book.

Carol said...

What we all want, I think. Even holding the ARC. What A rush that would be.

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