Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Supposedly OJ's book is up for grabs again. What exactly does that say about America, the state of publishing and media in general? The fact that they are willing to publish the book and the implication that we, in turn would buy it, horrifying. If the man actually killed his wife, look what we are encouraging, and if he didn't, would he be willing to speculate on something so horrific?

Responsible journalism??? Truth in writing?

I feel as writers, we have to be truthful. I write fiction and nonfiction, but even fiction has to ring true and there are things I might draw a line at writing (I'm not talking XXX here.) I'm talking take other people into consideration and don't hurt them on purpose with what you write unless the story is so important to you that it has to be told that way. Then you have to take responsibility for what you write and the consequences.

All right. I made yesterdays goal, feel like the story is on a roll and will get off the soapbox once again. Keeping the words flowing seems to generate more words so far.

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