Monday, March 12, 2007


It's kind of murky and foggy this morning. Kind of matches my mind on daylight savings time. Love the longer days, hate getting up earlier as I'm not really a morning person and it requires me to go to bed earlier, I'm more of a night owl and don't really like having to go to bed early.

The fog seems to be a metaphor for the murky state of public information, lack of access, in this country and state. People are just not educated, especially those working in government, that there is truly access to anyone for matters of public record. The these educated government employees will say, "I don't want to give you access because I don't know what you will do with the information." It doesn't matter. Can we say 'public record'. We won't go into the newspapers and their biased covereage of the news.

My short rant for the day. Can we say 'Carol the liberal.'


Rinda Elliott said...

Goes with Rinda the liberal. :)
Chisty didn't think you guys were meeting because no one answered my email. She's going to be sad she missed it. Was Kathy there, too?

Carol said...

Kathy, Sarah and I met. I'm so sorry Christy missed it. I brought pages. We talked. We left about 4p since Grandma Kathy had to babysit. Hope kids are giving you less grief. I'm bummed since I didn't win Rachel's ARC.

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