Friday, March 16, 2007

The Best

In healthcare there are what we consider Best Practices. Those things you do that result in the best outcome for the patients. Things like always giving an antibiotic within 1hour of the incision time for major surgery to prevent infection.

What are best practices for writing? Everyone seems to have different ideas. Some outline, some don't. Some write every day or not. One writer will whiz through to the end of a first draft without editing while another will edit everything to death as they go.

We seem to have a fly by the seat of your pants kind of profession here, with rules that are made to be broken. For everyone who queries one editor at a time, there is that person who sends out multiple manuscripts at once, in spite of guidelines and sells. The only rule I can find consistantly is that there are no rules except possibly the one that says hard work works or the 'button principle' (Put your butt on the chair and write.)

Made my goal yesterday. Yay. Off to Texas tomorrow.

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