Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Secret

A book was published recently. The author states the book contains the secret to happiness. But, happiness is different for everyone, so I'm not sure about a one-size-fits-all path to happiness. One person might view happiness as having monetary success, another wants fame, many of us want a published book with our name on the front. In fact, I have that. But it's a specialty textbook that will mainly be purchased by hospitals for Infection Control departments. Happiness for me, is having that mystery published, by a company that will pay me. It will be distributed in print and paper copies, to book stores. I will be able to go buy one.

Back to the secret. How many of us have searched for that magic secret? You know the one, it lets you get read and published through no great effort of your own, instant success. Never mind the hard work and learning your craft part of it. We want it now. I admit I'm impatient. I want my book published before I'm in a nursing home and too forgetful to know that I wrote a book.

But, I think practicing our craft, like any other artist, is what will get us there. Also, networking, marketing ourselves and being with other writers don't hurt once the book is done. But, making ourselves write, on a regular basis, take classes, read, see how others do what we are trying to do, that will get us there, or as close as we can get through our own actions. For the rest, we have to trust whatever higher power in whom we have faith. The secret is, there is no secret.

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