Monday, March 19, 2007

Stars Etc.

No writing for the weekend except in my journal. Lovely couple of days in Texas North country. The sky became a thick blanket of sparking stars like you never see in the city. A half mustang, half paint pony showed off for us in the back pasture. Swallows danced their weaving flights and the sun warmed the deck. I had a grandchildren fix. Watched an entire football team of boys, mothers, daughters and friends play tackle football with total disreguard for potential injury or grass stains and it was wonderful to see. Not too many wildflowers blooming yet but a pretty drive through the Arbuckles and Texas countryside.

Watching a committe of highly educated people try to begin a rather simple project and facinated to see how complicated it can become. I think we have to be careful with our writing that we don't make it happen by committee. I believe in feedback and critique, but at the same time, first drafts are good for getting it down and then you know your characters the best and how they might react. The author is the final decision maker. You have to follow your own instincts and not let others change the story to the detriment of the story. If you make the characters true to themselves and their own real life, then it will work.

My opinion for the day. Now to work and keeping the momentum going.

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