Monday, March 26, 2007

News-good, bad, ugly

The good news is that I'm making more progress than I have in months, the visuals seem to help and I'm down to the last few chapters. I'm making my word goal so far.

The bad, writing so fast means I'm churning out things that may not be that good and will take a lot of work the second time around. Lots of bad first draft things going on, but you have to give yourself permission for bad first drafts. That's what I tell myself.

The ugly, I'm not going to reach the overall 80000 words by the end of the book I don't think. However, she rationalized, when I go back to flesh out scenes, cut those pesky unneeded words, add smoother transitions and flesh out scenes with sensory details, I think the words will fall in place. The re-write should be more fun since I'll have the bones to work with, it says in fine print somewhere.


Rinda Elliott said...

My first draft came up short and ugly. It can be fixed.

Carol said...

That's my theory. It's a first draft and I will fix it, and fix it, and fix it. I'm glad Rachel finished hers too. It's good to see everyone moving forward. Now, Kathy and Christy and Lou need to get writing in their spare time.

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