Monday, March 5, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

A late night trip to the ER Sat. night with my daugher, Lori, made Sunday, half of it, a bit of a waste since I slept way late. Had coffe, read the paper, did grocery shopping, filed contest manuscripts, had my son and grandkids over for dinner and etc. Just life, no writing fiction. But life has to happen too.

And Journaling is writing, even if you only talk about the birds outside the window, or the fact that ER nurses and docs seem to think all frequent fliers are equal and if you come in with a migrane that causes a seizure it's no better than an addict with a headache coming in for a Demerol fix, but that's another story.

Today I will write fiction, and pay bills so I'm not hauled off. We're supposed to have warm and sumshine this week so that should motivate me. I can't wait to have Saturday and Sunday coffee out on the patio again, nature up close, my favorite. I will reach the word count today.
Carol *A look of determination in her eys as she wastes time on the internet.*


Annie Ewing Rassios said...

A fine looking blog, but in similar circumstances, I'm afraid I'd produce a negative wordcount some days -- editing, you know.

I do enjoy "seeing" you and getting to know you better this way!


Laurel said...

I agree that a blog counts as writing. At least I hope so. :0) Nice looking site.

Pamela Morgan

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